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Here's How to Register

Email your dates, prospective numbers, and age of participants to Brandon Koltz/Coordinator.  Or call 414-732-1280. A registration form will be sent with a deposit request. 


Summer Calendar 2022

6/6-68  Already Reserved

6/12-6/17 Already Reserved    

Remaining weeks are available. Please call or email to schedule

Programming Assistance

The Urban Gathering Center can assist with program development  

  • Learn about Food Deserts and how they affect Children and teens

  • Work in a Pay what you can cafe'

  • Work on a farm that provides food for food pantries  

  • Help out at our own Food Pantry

  • Assist at urban community gardens

  • Learn about pollinators

  • Work on projects in our community including, painting, landscaping, environmental sustainability, house rehab, urban gardening and much more.

  • Interface with immigrant congregation worshipping at Spirit of Peace

Customize Your Week

Develop a service week that fits your group objectives and is appropriate to the age of your group. 


Following initial contact, we will work with you to provide an experience that fits your budget

Amenities and Experiences

Kitchen and dedicated refrigerator 

Fellowship Hall for meals 

Sanctuary available for worship/discussion

First Word and Last Word faith building activities

Exercises and discussion facilitation concerning poverty, racism, food justice and how people of faith can address these challenges

Field Trips to cool places in Milwaukee

Outdoor concert in Washington Park

Beach Day atr Lake Michigan or Urban Hike

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