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Holy Doubt in an Age of Certainty

Hello and welcome to Lent! As my own lenten discipline I will be packing this community creed that was developed at Spirit of Peace Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Each day I will reflect on one or part of the lines and share how it came to be. Peace and Joy on your own lenten journey.

THE SPIRIT OF PEACE CREED - 2/15/2018 (Ash Wednesday)

Spirit of Peace Creed

We believe in God the creator

Who’s love is the life force of of the universe,

Who believes in us, trusts us an empowers us,

Who lives in us and through us and fills us with wonder.

We believe in Jesus, God’s own son;

Who shows through his life, the heart and character of God,

Who lived to raise up the lowly and to bring peace to all people,

Who loved those unloved, fed those who hungered, healed those with sickness,

Who taught adults and laughed with children,

Who was crucified for speaking truth to power,

Who was raised by God to live forever and to inspire us to truly live.

We believe in God’s Spirit;

Who brings the mystery of God into our hearts,

Who guides us through a familiar whisper of truth,

Who sparks our creative passions,

Who comes to us in the bread and the wine,

Who gathers all children of earth into one family,

Who uses our abilities and gifts,

Who sends us out to be the good news

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