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We believe in God, the Creator, Whose LOVE is the life-force of the Universe


To quote Phyllis Diller, “If you are what you eat…I am going to eat a thin person.”

In John’s Gospel, Jesus says, “God is Love.” It is not just what God does but who God is. I believe that God’s love is the very essence not just of God but of life. If God is the architect and builder, the blue print is Love.


I am quite sure that anything I say about love will be only scratching the surface. Love is bigger than anyones ability to define or describe it. So here then is my take: I don’t know if I really knew what love was until the birth of my first child. The overwhelming feeling of awe that came over me holding the child I had a part in creating. I remember the day they let us new parents take this amazing new life home from the hospital. I couldn’t help feeling like the nurses and doctors were all crazy to let us leave without so much as a 9 week parenting course. All the baby books I had thought were not necessary were now laughing at me as I tried to put a newborn carseat in the back of the car. I think I drove the ten blocks home from the hospital so slowly that people walking dogs were passing us. I don’t think you really know what love is until you find yourself completely responsible for another. I wanted to try to control everything that could possibly affect my little one. I quickly learned that control is not love but fear. That is not to say that your experience would be the same or that people who don’t have children couldn’t relate. It is saying that at my young age of 24, I had not really known that Love is more than just loving feelings.


The most amazing thing I can think of is how God must feel at the birth of every living thing and then how terrifying it must be to watch without trying to control the joys and sorrows of life. God watches thousands of tadpoles who never make it to frog-hood or babies born in to situations of abuse and neglect. Real love is letting a piece of yourself live outside your body and only being there to watch and guide. Love is also delighting in the things that go right. I remember my daughter Grace, holding a messy half sucked on cheerio up to offer it to me from her high chair. It was at the same time really gross and really cool. I am sure God delights in the times when we get it right and become best version of ourselves we can be.


For much of my life I have thought that pleasing God was of primary importance. Often, I tried to be something other than who I was. I bet God laughed at my efforts to try to be what I thought God wanted, rather than embracing what God had created me to be. I tried praying more, reading my bible more, giving more to church and even giving my life to Christ. I thought I had to earn God’s love. Now, I believe that these things which can all be good and enjoyable things to do are the product of God’s love in my life, not the other way around. This is why seeing God as a loving parent makes the most sense to me. As I have learned to be comfortable in my own skin, I have also learned how to love.

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