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Who believes in us...

Who believes in us


It could be said that a creed is a statement of what we believe. In all the major creeds of the church we confess what we believe about God. In this creed, we also wanted to affirm that God believes in us. By affirming that God believes in us, we are in fact saying that God’s original plan or dream for the world is to work though people. It is not that we don’t believe that God works supernaturally apart from humans. I have seen this several times. Its just not the part of God working in the world we desire to lift up here.


While I fully believe that God answers prayer, I don’t like waiting. I can’t help but wonder when God doesn’t seem to be answering prayer, that it is because the one praying is not enough. I remember praying for my dad to be healed of cancer and thinking that maybe I should do something drastic like fasting or giving away all my possessions. There seems to be no shortage of preachers who will tell you some formula to use to make God respond. To my knowledge, none of these work at least not consistently. Something doesn’t feel right about putting a line in the creed that says, “we believe that God will do what God will do.” So instead we affirm that one of the ways God works is that God believes in us to do some of the work.


Jesus must have believed in his disciples that they could carry his message to the world after he departed. He kept teaching them and giving them responsibilities along the way. He knew that the real work of changing the world would happen after he was gone. When he chose his disciples he seemingly picked, not the best and brightest of the religious lights in life’s marquee, but those who would follow. So it is with us. God chooses to use average people and uses their uniqueness to show God’s love for all people. Not only does God believe in us but God believes we can carry Gods love to a hurting world.

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